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From what I read, his first victims were the daughter of the man he felt didn't adequately represent him at the police board which fired him, and the daughter's fiance.

So he has shown willingness to kill the loved ones of those he feels have wronged them, even if they were on his side.

His manifesto said he intends to kill the family members of those who have wronged him, and specifically the families of LAPD officers.

Given all that, I wouldn't say it's that the officers' lives are considered more important than ours are (though they may be), but that the officers are out there trying to protect their own families.

While that may not be politically correct, or even ideal, I can't say I blame them one bit. I also can't say that I wouldn't view it in much the same way.

As far as anti-terrorism training... he was a Navy Reserve junior officer, assigned to Bahrain for a year as an augmentee. That's Fifth Fleet Headquarters, and the Navy logistics hub for the Gulf. It's not exactly a combat zone. From what I could glean from the articles, my guess would be Dorner was a staff officer, and might have been a training officer (primarily administrative in function) for harbor patrol and/or EOD types, but that's just an educated guess.
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