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Mozambique with a .41 Magnum

I recently aquired an S&W Model 58. I started practicing Mozambique drills with full power 210 grain Gold Dot hand loads. I suppose body armor might save my opponent, but they'd need a full bullet resistant face sheild to keep their teeth from flying out the back of their head.

As most of the regulars here know, I'm a Grand Master with a 1911, Glocks, etc and revolvers including the SAA with full power loads, but this Model 58 is even scaring me, seriously. I got my first pistol a Colt Trooper MK III when I was 14 years old and I've practiced religiously ever since. In 1985 I went from the S&W Model 66 to the Colt 1911 as my primary side arm. NOTHING in all those years has felt as natural and speedy to me as this Model 58 does, nothing. Its like I'm channeling Bob Munden, Bill Jordan and all the rest. After 40+ years of practice I've reached a Zen like level of proficiency, its very satisfying.

Anyway, on to the tactics and training. If a + or - 1.5 second Mozambique drill with a magnum revolver, or service automatic for that matter, won't stop a dangerous threat from an individual, then I don't know what will.

I use the same holster and speed loader carrier pictured above with my Model 29-2, with my Model 58. It is worn on a river belt, or a ranger belt inside my belt loops. I use 300 grain XTPs in the Model 29-2 and recoil is snappy. Drawing and firing my Model 29-2 with the 300 grain XTP loads, has definitely helped me manage recoil when using my Model 19s and now my new Model 58.
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