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Mosin Re-Barrel?

Hey guys! A friend of mine has a Mosin Nagant 91/30 that has seen some neglect, the bore is essentially destroyed. He and I are curious about the possibility of rebarreling the action in a different caliber, since its in more or less great shape.

We would like to do this as a home project, mostly just for kicks, so we are looking to keep expense to a minimum. We also don't want this to turn into a huge PITA, so anything that will require serious modification to the action/magazine/bolt is right out unless it's easily doable at the 'hobbyist' level.

What caliber and barrel manufacturer would you guys recommend? I've done some simple poking around and was considering something like .260 Remington, or all the way down to 22-250. I think we should be able to use those with almost no real changes to the action/magazine, may need to turn down the bolt to match rim thickness though.

Any suggestions you guys have will be greatly appreciated, as well as any warnings about stumbling points that may be encountered (As long as the suggestion isn't 'Just throw it out and buy another Mosin, that isn't the point of the project. :P )
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