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Which optic?

Hey guys;

I'm wanting to put a new optic on my Colt LE6920. It's my patrol rifle and the optic cant have any magnification to it(dept policies). Had an Eotech XPS0 before and was happy with it, but after about 2 thousand rounds it didn't want to hold a zero any more. So it kind of put a bad taste in my mouth in regards to buying another one. I'm really liking the Trijicon reflex sights, but haven't shot with one yet. Just looked at and through them at the LGS. Any input and experience with the trijicons? Also, when I was looking at them online I saw that you had to buy a mount seperately and it's hard to gauge these mounts with out seeing them in person. Are they able to mount low enough to co-witness with the iron sights?I was looking at the RX06 with the triangle. I liked the triangle from a previous experience shooting an ACOG set up with one. With these trijicons would it be better to stick to the dot or is the triangle good as well? Also are they rugged and well built and can handle being thrown around a bit with out loosing zero? Thanks for any help.
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