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Product problems and complaints to the BBB don't necessarily track either. Product problems can be resolved by DIY repair, gunshop repair, original dealer repair, or factory/factory rep repair. None would be reported to the BBB, but all would, IMHO, be product problems. Complaints to the BBB usually involve business practices, not defective products, per se.

AFAIK, no one, except the companies involved, keeps track of the actual reported troubles with guns. Even the companies don't know about or track other than their factory or factory rep repairs. If I have a problem with a Taurus and fix it myself, Taurus has no way of knowing about that problem and won't take steps to correct it.

That is why I will almost always recommend that gun owners with other than very minor problems send the gun back to the factory. The owner or a gunsmith might do just as good a job with a repair, but then the factory will be dumb and happy, not knowing there is a problem that needs corrected. Also the fix comes quicker if it costs them money; if I fix it on my dime, they don't care.

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