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Sorry for your loss.

In your BILs items you will find a few things that worth more than the mere dollars.

I had a friend offer me some of his father's equipment several years ago as I was first getting interested in reloading. In the boxes he delivered I found an old Pacific beam scale and check weights in the original box. Probably from the 40s in near mint condition. As much as I wanted to keep it to use, I could not stand the fact that it took forevvvveeerrr to settle out.

That darn scale mesmerized me for several days but did confirm for me that I wanted to get into reloading. Inspecting all of the tools and old load manuals in those boxes was interesting and fun. It slowed me down in my thoughts and plans to purchase the best stuff I could afford.

After two weeks I kept a few items I could use and gave the rest back to him, including a Pacific single stage press, dies, lubri-sizer and some very nice lyman bullet molds. As I recall, my buddy offered these items to another guy who took it all and sold it within a week for little to nothing. If I had it to do over today, I would have kept it all.

I still have 200 .38 spl bullets from my buddy's father. Every time I see them in their wooden and cork box I think of how lucky I was to have a chance to get some quality stuff and instruction starting out. We shot some of my first loads made with his dads bullets.

All I can say is if you think you might be interested in reloading, give your sister 60-70% of new prices and stay with the thought to keep the items yourself.
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