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yep it's slowing down for sure . 30rd mags @ PSA lasted about 1hr today before selling out . lately they have been selling out in minutes . . I've been looking at many sites 2 and 3 times a day for a couple of months now and i was really surprised those mags took that long to sell out . The thing that gets me is the 22lr ammo . Whats up with that . That will be the last thing banned so why stock up on that ? It does not have the shelf life of center fire ammo . I went out last week and shot some 18 year old 22lr ammo and some 38sp of the same age . all the 38 ammo shot fine and grouped fine . The 22 stuff OMG , about 40% of them shot so bad they did not even hit the 4'x4' target board 50yds away . Some the power was so reduced i had to stop shooting and make sure they did not plug the bore .

Back to the OP Prices IMO will not come down for months if not a year or so . right now its all about reloading stuff for me . I have bought some stuff already at normal price and back ordered a bunch a stuff at good prices . Like I said above . I've been looking at these sites everyday for a while and have found some good deals . Just picked up the Hornady lock-n-load classic kit for $260 , 4,000 primers for $120 delivered . The stuff is out there you just have to be looking for it A LOT !!
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