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With all due respect Mr. Ettin, In 1927 it was far from hard to obtain dynamite and other high explosives.

And I never argued that mass murder could not be committed without a gun, but I think we can all agree that nearly all of them are. It's just more convenient.

Do you have any research backing your claim that most rampage killings are organized and planned? Certainly the worst and high profile ones were, but remember there's been 62 mass murders involving guns since 1982 and so far the handful I've researched did not seem planned.

A big car, like a surburban, in a crowded place, say a parade or festival could kill dozens. If someone wanted to attack a school just ram the fence at recess.

A super soaker filled with gasoline and a match. A ten year old could buy the stuff for that.
Actually the suburban idea is something I thought of after reading this

Anyways, using the car analogy is a good way to argue against "preventative" gun laws. As for the super-soaker/gasoline/match thing... good luck with that.
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