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The wandering was my bad. My apologies to the OP.

One last word if I may, and if you think it's unmannerly to reply here feel free to PM me, as I would truly appreciate your opinion on this: As far as the shooters in the majority of cases, I don't see how are mental health care institution could have prevented them. There would be too many false-positives. Emotionally distraught people all act in fairly predictable ways, but the don't all go out and murder people.


My point, was that the anti- gun crowd has a point. And we should recognize it. What I'm about to say is crazy, but hear me out. I think that they are right in that there would be less instances of "mass murder" if there were no guns. Sure, some would find means to carry out their nefarious schemes but the vast majority would be either unable of much damage or have time for reflection. If you could magically get rid of all the guns then I truly believe that we would have less mass murder, which brings me my real point if I ever had one..

That's why the tired argument; "they'd just use a knife, club, etc., doesn't really work when applied to typical mass murder. It's weak and I hate for my side to have weak arguments. Our strong position is that of reality, guns are here to stay, you can't get rid of them. Just like the Catholic Church's attempt at banning crossbows 900 years ago, it didn't work then, and it won't work now.

Now regulating guns, that's another story.
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