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That's what I love about debate, different opinions. And I'm not trying to convince you of anything, I'm truly honored that you would share your opinions with me. It gives me a chance to examine whether what I believe can pass muster.

I guess I hadn't researched the Sandy Hook shooting enough besides the odd news article. But I'd wager that many of the less lethal but far more common "mass shootings" that occur are spur of the moment or at least with minimal planning. In fact I just looked it up, there's been 62 mass shootings since 1982 (mass murder is defined as four homicides in a single incident). I only had time to look up a handful of the less famous ones but so far no more planning went into them than a day or two. I guess a better example than the ones I gave would be the "Virginia Tech shooting."

You could make 100 Molotov cocktails, but good luck carrying them. Whereas I can literally carry thousands of rounds of ammo and as many guns as I wanted within reason. I really don't think Aurora could have happened if the guy used Molotov cocktails.. And convenience, not money I think is the driving factor, guns are not that expensive.

And making IEDs is fine to speculate about, but even with plans available online it's no easy matter. Again, you'd be surprised what everyday materials will explode if you have the proper initiator (detonator). Even most explosives, like dynamite, can be safely burned. But crimp on a detonator and you've suddenly got a high explosive on your hands. And making a detonator is tricky, then there's the fuse and timer to worry about. It's really not as easy as you think, and you stand a very good chance of blowing yourself up at each stage of the process. It can be done, but you've got to really want to.

I'm sure I in no way have the experience that you have (I'm a nurse as well, though still wet behind the ears), as my experience comes wholly from my shift of two quarters in the psych ward while in college. But from what I've seen I believe you.

Even accounting for the insane, and as much as I'd like to believe otherwise, from the limited research I've done it appears that many of these mass shooters where more or less normal before whatever happened to set them off. So the fact appears to remain that guns are convenient for the emotionally unbalanced.

But I don't have the monopoly on being right. So show me my error.
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