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My favorite is my 327 TRR8

Not a photo of mine, but it looks the same. That is to say, mine doesn't wear the rails, giant reflex, and giant flashlight like the infamous Rifleman photo that makes everyone assume it's Mall Ninja jewelery)

This is the photo that sealed the deal for me:

Light as an L frame, controllable as an N-frame, good-quality DA/SA trigger, good-quality sights, perfect barrel length, attractive lines (I prefer the CZ52's looks over the 1911, FWIW ), capacity of a Coonan, better day-to-day reliability than a Coonan, reloads faster than a Coonan with moonclips... --just the perfect combo of attributes for a hiking companion

Very few holsters for it, but the Bianchi X15 works as a shoulder rig

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