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Tickling, Of course crazy, evil people can easily do damage with a gun, they are a dangerous thing. That is also why millions of people save lives by using them against crazy and evil people every year. The argument should never be about if they can cause harm or not.

As the Russian Spetznat officer said,(Rusian accent) "of course its dangerous, its gun!"

We can not allow them to make the argument about how dangerous this gun or that high capacity magazine is. All these self appointed Reverends make their living preaching the virtues of poverty and dependency. If they couldn't blames guns they would have to deal with things like cultural rot, men that father and abandon kids, and the hero worship of thugs. No fun in that.

We need to quit being politicaly correct and exspose them for the charlotans they are and let them take their rightful place in history along with the snake oil salesmen of the old days.
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