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Has anyone here either owned or built one of these fine Swiss rifles?

(The outsides of those mags are milled, btw )

Probably a lost cause, but I'm a sucker for the unique and interesting . C'mon, it even has the K31 bolt handle

I'm a fan of the performance of the 7.5 Swiss round in my K31's, and pairing that excellence with an over-produced HK-style roller delay action seems like a compelling combo. I saw there are parts kits out there, and supposedly a few folk are making receiver repair sections or flats, so a build is a possibility with the right BATFE info. I'm told the recievers are a sheet/trunion design that is rebuildable provided that sheet metal repair sections are obtainable.

The receivers I'm seeing are PE57's, which were semi-auto, so the MG/NFA angle should be a non-issue. 922r however... looks like I'd have to be making some replacement parts (not the end of the world, though).

I'm highly tempted; these guns were supposedly the most expensive service-rifle ever produced, are worth north of 5000$ completed here in the States, and the kits cost less than a run-of-the-mill CETME kit.

Anyone with experience with these? Are they worth all of the above? And a bag of chips?

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