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That's what I'm talkin' about.....

What always struck me, when hunters mistake a person for game, is that most game laws specify a minimum antler size, or even that you can't shoot antlerless game. Under such game laws, how can you shoot a person with antlers that meet the requirements of legal game?
and this:
While I consider 100% target identification to be non-negotiable
Exactly. If you have a tag or tags that allow you to shoot any deer you see, it still does not allow you to shoot somebody's horse or dog or kid! One of the, "Ten Commandments of Gun Safety", is "Be sure of your target before you pull the trigger.". But we're talking about Blaze-Orange. I concede that it might be a good idea in localities of high hunter density. It's probably even a better idea if you are packing a deer out of the woods on your back. But for me, a successful hunt is getting away from civilization which includes gobs of Nimrods runnin' all over the hills. I don't want to be seen. I want to use vintage equipment, no stinking gps modern technology. I want to forget that it's 2000-whatever. I want a good campfire. No stinking blaze-orange; no plastic guns; no boom-box. If I get a deer it's an anti-climax and not required to feel successful. I think it's fine for the, "Authorities", to recommend Blaze-orange. But when they legislate it they go beyond, "the consent of the governed". If they require it, I end up complying out of regard for their power to enforce it. So wear it if you have to; wear it if you want to; wear it if you think it will make you safer. But if they give you an opportunity to vote on it; vote for freedom.
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