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Tickling, I think you and I are going to see this two different ways no matter what. I've been advocating that guns are not the easiest way to cause large numbers of casualties for years. IEDS take less time in planning and implementing than the aurora shooter used.
I couldn't dig up the references on the sandy hook shooting that I remember, the conspiracy theory guys have put up too much static. Trust me, he planned.
Columbine proves my point as well, very carefully planned.
All of that is almost irrelevant though. In much less time, and with much less money, than buying even one gun, I could produce a hundred molotov cocktails. Well maybe it would take as much money with today's gas prices
These are bright, twisted, people with too much time on their hands and singleness of purpose that's almost inhuman. Until you've dealt with Psych patients it's tough to envision the sheer power that is inherent in this.
My personal opinion? They've all played waaay too many hours worth of video games and to them this is the "coolest" way to kill people.
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