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Timelinex was under the impression that we were talking about extremely long range, which is 1500+. Fine. I've shot 500 caliber guns at 12000+ that had a 55 yard average first shot miss distance. A friend's shot 1600 caliber guns with a 90 meter average first shot miss distance at 32000+. Will a 33 caliber Lapua do that well that far away? To me, that's extremely long range. . . . .

I doubt the very best rifleman on this planet will hit within 20 inches of the aiming point with the first shot beyond 1500 yards with a .338 Lapua. It's too hard to judge the wind that accurate for targets at that range. The bullet's got a 14 inch crossrange drift per mph of wind at 1500 yards. Nobody's able to estimate downrange wind that accurate that far away. Especially with the vertical variables that exist.
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