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Mobuck, according to the note that I had in the bag of brass, the brass had been fully prepped and the note to me said that "most of them had been neck turned". I could see that some of them appeared to have been neck turned, but I didn't know if they had all been FL resized. So I checked the primer pockets with that tool and checked the flash holes for burrs and then trimmed them to length, then turned the necks to the degree that some of them had already been turned. Then I decided to go ahead and resize all of them, just to be srue that all were identically prepped. Out of about 50 cases, two necks were torn off. I don't remember that ever happening before. Both necks were torn off about 1/3 of the way from the shoulder.

I'll load em on Sunday with 60 gr Partitions and see what load works best. Then I'll find a few pigs and "choot em", as Troy Landry might say.

Whenever I store brass, I put a note in the bag as to what I've done to the brass. Might be 20 years before I get around to doing anything with that brass.
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