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Well, in Tucson, at the Sportsman's Warehouse, you arrive before the store opens on Fridays, wait in line and get a number, then wait in line even longer to buy ammo, primers, etc. - if they are lucky enough to have received it in their delivery - and then you are limited to the number of rounds you can purchase. I haven't checked on caps out here as I don't shoot BP in the winter when I'm here. All reloading supplies are in short supply however - including powder.

Nobody likes the "panic buying" as it is creating a shortage for everybody. BUT, what bothers me even more than that are those who think that any of the proposed regulations that Washington will pass, "will not affect them". Baloney, it will affect all of us in one way or another. Instead of sitting around on our hands and waiting, I urge everyone to contact their Senators and voice your opinion in regards to any gun control or infringement on the rights guaranteed by our Constitution. All it takes is a couple of minutes to search for their website and send an e-mail. That's not being "radical" . . . it's being a "citizen". Just remember, there is no silence more loud than that of a man who will not voice his opinion.

For those that are in favor of gun control . . . maybe you should contact your Senators and suggest that they also make drugs like meth, cocaine, heroin and others illegal . . . that way they will no longer be a problem. Oh, wait a minute . . . they already are illegal. Hmmm . . . how's that working for you Washington? Just remember . . . only a fool can be duped by the court jesters . . . or in our case, politicians.
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