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Originally Posted by ZVP
I am reading many posts about the 20ga and this is why I chose a SxS Double 20 ga for us.
1 With bad sholders, the wife can take the recoil.
Price of a used gun Cheap for a 20 ga!
Nearly the same shot load and good velocity in the 20 ga.
20 ga double with 26" bbls is almost the same OAL as an 870 with a 20" tube! More velocity from longer bbls in the 20ga!
I would have opted for a 12 ga if our 63 year old carcases were in better shape. BPDave
You have made a very wise choice by going with a 20ga. My wife & I are the same age as you and your wife; & use 20ga guns for the same reason. My wife has a 26" barrel Remington® SPR220 20ga SxS loaded with Remington 2¾" #3 Buck on her side. For me it's a 18½" barrel 20ga Mossberg® Mdl 500 pump loaded with Federal® 3" Magnum #2 Buck. We can handle & shoot these guns & loads very well = INTRUDERS BEWARE!
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