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Brownells **** poor excuse!

Dear Folks,

We want to thank everyone for your patience with us. Thanks especially to those of you who told us orders were being delivered "out of cycle." We’ve been in business an awfully long time and are proud of our reputation for great service, so we had to find out what was going on.

And we found the problem. Simple really. About 15 years ago we put in place system logic prioritizing a few back orders ahead of others. It was a rare situation, but necessary at the time and under normal market conditions back then, those reasons made sense.

Then the world changed, and back orders ballooned into the thousands – literally – and our system and the vendor’s ability to keep up just broke that logic. About 300 orders were moved to the head of the line under the old system logic, and had their orders shipped ahead of where they should have been in line. It moved all the rest of you back about 300 places in line – which, rightfully so, caused an uproar.

When we found the problem, we immediately disabled this logic, truly resuming our first in first out policy. The real problem is that demand is far greater than any factory’s ability to quickly catch up.

The good news is we have cured the broken system logic; thanks for telling us. We are shipping in order received, and handling your orders the way we have always tried to – honestly, fairly, and with everything right on top of the table.


Frank & Pete Brownell

Brownells, Inc. | 200 South Front Street, Montezuma, IA 50171 | 1-800-741-0015 | Help Center
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So this is the email I got today from Brownells today, but I have to ask can anyone please explain to me when it would not be fair for "first order in first order out" because I can not think of any reason it should never not be like that.....
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