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Hmmm. Very detailed Sheep. Starting at the top:
Historically I've loaded "huntin" style rifle and dickerd with accuracy and accurizing as the main hobby. Single stage plenty good for that. Handgun also searching for top accurach and R and D. I never caught the high cap rapid fire craze and don't think much of the folks who come to the range with ten loaded 15 round mags and empty them as fast as they can pull the trigger and change mags. Bullets flying everywhere, but usually not into the target. Of course those guys are not reloaders. Pistol shooting (I mean real shooting, like quart oil bottles at 200 yards came pretty quick for me 30 years ago, but it's all gone now I it's going to take more shooting to regain and keep the skill. Likewise the service rifle competition takes more ammo, but still only 60 rounds per match or practice session.

My budget is a secret. Not even I know.

Cheap ammo is very important, as well as no worries about finding some to buy. Otherwise, I enjoy all of the persuits you mentioned. No prarie dogs in indiana, so high volume hunting doesn't exist here. Until I become convinced that my processes of QC are not needed, I wouldn't use a progressive for rifle ammo to be used in hunting or competion. It's ok to correct me about that, but I am a charge weigher in my rifle rounds. Love the chargemaster, but still check them with the scale. (Redundant I know, since the chagemaster has an electronic scale) Pistol at 25 yards I'm not convinced I can improve on thrown charges so that's where I would use a faster operation, or practice rifle stuff below max pressures.
No need for portability. I have a little 7x15 shop with a heavy 3x6 bench and plenty of room for storage of components. My press hasn't been taken down for thirty years. Now I have time to reload again, and cleaned my shop from a storage bin into a gun/loading shop again. Loaded several boxes of 50, and one at a time is all the longer I want to sit there. I do each phase seperately, size them all, prime them all, charge them all and visually check for uniformity, etc etc. It creates very good ammo and I enjoy it, but that's enough. If I could do the same thing and get 200 rounds instead of 50, I'd jump on it. I think I have all I need except the press, but sure to need something.
There, I hope that was more thorough. Usually I worry that I write too much in these things.
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