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I'll post more pictures in a bit, I keep getting compliments on my collection and I'm like "this is only a small chunk!" I'll be honest on the 6.5-06...I worked that up myself. Ran a 30-06 case up into a .260 die and called it good. I'm sure its slightly different than a true 6.5-06 but its close enough for my collection.
I have managed to build my collection for free. Based solely on the generosity of others who have collected firearms for longer than I have been alive and have seen some interesting things. My 8mm Nambu was given to me by a guy who's buddy brought it back after WWII as a souvenir. He just GAVE it o me, I'm sure I'll never run into another one of those. I got to dig through the "odd ammo" box of a guy who worked for CCI-Speer, I found a couple cool things that he found on the floor of the Factory... They never existed as a factory round but were prototypes. I'll post the coolest one next.

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