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I never figured out how you hold and sight these when you shoot.
I found it to be somewhat accurate out to 25 yards holding out in front of you. OK we’re talking about 6 inches at best but it’s not that bad. From the hip at 15 it’s easy to keep then on a full sized torso target.
Not that I have done it but if you put the stock to your shoulder and use the sights,, you’re going to get hurt.
As a kid I used to watch the TV show Wanted dead or alive and had one of the toy guns that I must have dispatched over a thousand bad guys with.
This is by far the dumbest gun that I have ever owned, but at the same time the most fun. And with hot 44 mags it has a really wonderful sound. The other thing that I like about it is that it’s the first lever action 44 mag that will shoot specials without hanging up.
It was a sad day when I discovered my universal remote control did not in fact control the universe.

Did you hear about the latest study.....5 out of 6 liberals say that Russian Roulette is safe.

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