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All I want....

is a level of sanity to return to the world so that I can get my shooting supplies when I need them, at the right price, shipped on time, and without having to spend hours looking for vendors that may or may not have what I want. I just need to go to the range whenever I want, shoot, be happy and content, and return home feeling good about everything.

The last thing I need to do is expand my experience in the world of BP. To date that road traveled has only led to greater addiction and more money spent that I can not explain away to my wife.

I finally threw up my hands and placed a backorder with Cabela's for my Remington #10 caps, cause they said they expect an order in around the 25th. It is not like Cabela's doesn't get enough of my money as it is but they do at leat answer the phone and give somekind of information.
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