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Dealers are required to perform background checks at gun shows, but private citizens are not. The majority of sales are through dealers. You will hear the left say that 40% of guns are aquired without a background check but the truth is the vast majority of this 40% are passed down in families or sold to friends. In a study of over 14000 convicted violent criminals only 1% of them aquired guns this way, so it isnt the problem the left would have us believe.

Do you really think that there should be government involvement for a private transaction between two private citizens, i sure dont! Do you perform a background check before selling someone a car, truck, motorcycle, see if they have any tickets or drunk driving convictions, the answer is no so why should the government poke their nose into a firearm sale? Background checks are backdoor registration, and for those who say that they havent done it yet, or wont..... dont be naive! The left has a goal to disarm the american public. Dont let this happen!
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