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I too have noticed that prices are slowly starting to revert back to normal and the supply is starting to catch back up with demand. The guns are at least out there now, but the aksing prices are still elevated above normal.

I think some people are starting to realize that Feinstein's new bill is pretty much dead in the water as democratic senators aren't willing to risk their seats over it. The only chance it has is if it gets some heavy ammendments that limit it to restricting mag capacity and mandating universal background checks.

I'm also guessing that the number of people who are willing and capable of dropping $3,000+ on a $1,000 rifle is growing smaller and smaller everyday. There's only so many folks out there who are willing to pay that price and have the money laying around to do so, and I'm betting that most of them have already acted and used up their dispossible funds on guns they will probably never shoot.
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