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Just fail to see how there could be ANY way to go around the Heller decision though regarding the logic of AWs and Magazines.
Anti-2nd Amendment judges all over the country are operating in a state of not so subtle revolt against the Heller and McDonald decisions and logic is not even a consideration. For them the priority is to hold off the results of Heller long enough for one of the Heller 5 to die and be replaced with an anti who will join the other 4 in reversing Heller. For example there are still no operating ranges in Chicago because the judge on the case has been dragging her feet for as long as she possibly can and as soon her future ruling against us is overturned on appeal the city will pass a new law blocking ranges and the resulting court case against it will drag on in that same court for more years.

In another egregious example we have been waiting since 2010 for a judge in Palmer v DC to even bother to rule one way or the other on the right to bear with no hope of getting anything out of him within our lifetimes. He knows the longer he delays ruling against us the longer we have to wait to file an appeal so he just refuses to rule one way or the other.
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