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.....between Hispanic old ladies and the 200lb+ African-American former cop.
Not in my experience. Nearly 30 years ago, while driving to a night class at a university, I was pulled over by the police, and soon had 3-4 vehicles surrounding me. I was driving a red and black Dodge (Mistusbishi) Ram mini-pickup.

A police officer had been shot the previous week by a suspect described as 6-feet to 6-feet 3-inches tall with red hair driving a full size red pickup. So, they were stopping every pickup that was red no matter what the make or size.

BTW - at that time, I was 5-feet 10-inches tall with dark brown hair and beard - and they still ran my license and registration to see if there was any possibility I was the person or wanted. The whole affair took nearly 45 minutes before they released me to proceed on my way.
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