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David the Gnome, I get what you are saying and it makes a whole lot of sense, but Sig could release MUCH thinner grips for the gun to keep up with the demand for small concealable guns. Instead they went the complete opposite direction and now ship them with even thicker Hogue rubber grips.

And even though the gun was designed in the 70's, it was modeled after the PPK. Which even tho it is an older design, and uses the same width mags, it has a much thinner grip than the 232, or even the SR9C for that matter.

Ok, sorry if I am missing something, but since the Ruger is a poly-gun the grips can simply be molded into the frame which makes the overall grip thinner.
Your right, but look at the picture I posted of the size of the mags next to each other. The 232 is vastly smaller than the double stack mag, small enough where even with the difference of polymer mag well vs screw in grips I think the Sig grip should/could be smaller. Look at 1911's, the Sig 232 grip is just as thick, if not thicker than a 1911 even though it uses a thinner mag.

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