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Originally Posted by Tommix
+1. I agree, the Nikon Buckmaster is probably the right scope for this group. The Prostaff is outclassed by the Burris and Vortex. So's the Leupold VX-1; the VX-II and VX-2 belong here.
You do realize the new VX1 and the old VX-II are the same scope right? Leupold when they upgrade their top end models the technology gets pushed down the lineup of scopes. Since the VX6 line got upgraded they upgraded all of the other lines so think of it this way: VX1= old VXII scopes except for the 4-12X40 which still uses friction adjustments. However the lenses coating got upgraded and you now have 1/4 MOA click adjustments on the turrents. The only real difference I can see between the VX1 and VXII is the parallax is set at 75 yards with the VX1 not 100 yards like the VXII. However, it really isn't going to matter to most hunters and shooters that the parallax is set 25 yards shorter.
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