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Springfield stock extractors are notorious for failures to extract. I'm sure someone will chime in with "B.S! My stock Springfield extractor has gone 10,000 rounds without a single problem!" and that is all fine and good but I can only relate that I owned five Springfield 1911s, all 5 had little to no extractor tension out of the box, the issues I see at the local range, and reports from the Internet. I'm not knocking on Springfields, I like them, just no their stock extractors (or ILS mainspring housings for that matter)

The cures in my case have been Wilson or Ed Brown extractors, tuned and polished by someone that knows what they are doing (i.e., not me) and paired with an oversized firing pin stop to cure "clocking" or twisting of the extractor in its tunnel. I like the EGW flat-bottomed part.
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