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Anyone remember the American Rifleman magazine from the NRA last summer that they tested 3 guns from Taurus. PT 738, 809 and 740.
These were guns supplied to the NRA for testing. One had issues with feeding and another had numerous feeding failures caused by the magazine catch not keeping the mag in place.
And it had to go back to Taurus.
I don’t like Taurus’s quality but I do like some of their guns. One is the 445 which I own that had major problems when I purchased it.
I find it amazing that when people talk about Kimbers and there beak in period and that gets the Kimber “bashers” out in force but the article in the magazine talks about it just being a break in period causing the Taurus to fail and that’s OK.
I also find it amazing how Taurus fans sound just like Hi-point fans in that if you don’t care for the guns they make then you’re a basher.
Well call me a basher! I really don’t care.
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