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App that lists anti-gun establishments

So I found this app for android (not sure if its for iPhone) that lists places that are anti-gun and it lists alternative places to go to(shop, eat, etc). Users can also submit new places for both categories. I thought it was a great idea and worth the 99 cents to purchase it. I already added my local toys r us as it wasn't listed.

With all the new 'no gun' signs and some other existing places that so many new gun owners and new LTCF people don't know about, its something I thought could be helpful.

Click here for the link to the app on the Google Play Store
or go to the Play Store on Google and the keywords "posted gun" and it should be first on the list

(FYI this is not my app, and I have no ties to it - it came up in a google search and I thought it was worth bringing to the attention to others)
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