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Why are Sig Pistols So Thick?

Why are Sig pistols so inherently thick? I picked up a Sig 232 a month or two ago and although it is a great gun, my SR9C carries just as easy if not easier than it. It's not just the 232, but pretty much every model Sig is a good deal thicker than competing guns from other companies.

The slide width on the 232 is very thin, but the grip is just as thick as a Sig 239. My SR9C grip, which is a double stack, is thinner than the Sig 232 even though the Sig is a single stack. Why make a pistol so slim only to make the grip disproportionately large? And how could a pistol with such a slim single stack mag possibly have a thicker grip than a double stack mag. The picture posted is the Sig with the factory plastic grips, if I posted a picture with the rubber Hogue grips they are actually a good deal thicker.

As much as I like the Sig 232 it doesn't fill a role for me in my CCW rotation and will be getting sold for maybe a S&W BG380, if I can find one.

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