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The point the game warden was trying to make,

when he said it didn't matter whether you were hunting or not, is that some other hunter, who WAS hunting, might mistake you for a game animal. This is especially true under dim lighting conditions, such as the end of the day. At that time of day, some hunters are tired and start back to the parking lot. At the same time, other hunters expect more game movement, and assume that anything they see moving IS game.

What always struck me, when hunters mistake a person for game, is that most game laws specify a minimum antler size, or even that you can't shoot antlerless game. Under such game laws, how can you shoot a person with antlers that meet the requirements of legal game?

On another aspect of blaze orange use, have you noticed how many hunters put on a BO vest, then cover it up with their backpack(in camo), their binos, their hydration pack, their tree stand or ground blind, and any number of other equipment items. The end result is that only a few small patches of BO can be seen - especially when viewing the hunter from the side. I am guilty of that, so I went down to a fabric store, where the sell fabric by the yard to ladies who sew up clothes, and bought 2 yards of blaze orange in a soft (quiet) fabric. I folded it in half, and cut out about a 10 inch diameter circle, making me a BO "cape" that I put on over my tree stand, binos, etc. It's cheap, quiet, and covers me completely, and gives me peace of mind during my trips to the woods.
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