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Actually…thank the 30-30…Winchester really DID get it right the first time
Yes, but the first time they used that case was for the .38-55. .32-40, .30-30, .25-35, and .375 Winchester are all derived from that case.

6.5-'06 is a wildcat version of the 256 Newton. You really should find some Newton cartridges.

And I agree, the .30 Government 1903 and 1906 are really descendents of the 8X57mm.

As you search through stuff, you will find oddballs:
* 236 Lee- the commercial version of the 6mm Lee Navy
* .30-30 Remington- only marked that way for one year, later called 30 Remington after Winchester's boys in pinstripe suits had a talk with Remington's boys in pinstripe.
* .30 American- a small-primer version of 30-30 Winchester brass.
* .30 US Army rimless- like it says, a rimless version of what we know as the 30-40 Krag/30 US Army.
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