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@emcon5 , seems like its accurate, you could try a bean bag or rifle stand and fire it that way, to tell what the rifles doing vs what you do. i tend to flich every now and then or i anticipate the recoil and that drops my shot a bit

@sirdiealot, the second sounds close to my mosins bolt, its slick and quick those are the best type to have.
as fore the wood treatmenet i had to work on an yugo sks stock to fix it ill give ya the info

1. remove cosmo and sand it down until its bare wood and does not have wood stain on it.

2. use a cloths iron to sweat the stock, this will also get it to fix any deep scratches and cuts by expanding and filling the wholes in.

3. after this is done to your expectation, do following for different ways
a) paint: just paint it, nothing more needed
b) re-stain: stain it after waiting time limit apply beeswax to seal it, after its dry apply the clear coat for shine
c)re stain without clear coat: same as above but after each shoot apply beeswax, it will shiny then absorb into wood to prevent water absorbtion
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