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Need help with sizing die - chunk of neck stuck

Well...heck. I've been prepping brass prior to reloading for my 220 Swift. Was going to work up loads for the 60 gr Partition. The cases are Winchester and have never been fired. They've probably been in my 'extra brass' container for maybe 10 years or more and sealed in a plastic bag the entire time. I turned the necks a bit, but not more than normal and certainly not excessively. Then, just to be sure the cases were all in exactly the same preloading state, I FL resized them in a Redding FL (non-bushing) sizing die and got down to about the last 8 or 10 cases when one of the case necks broke off and stayed in the die. That one wasn't tough to remove, but a few cases later a neck broke off and stayed up in the die. I can't get that rascal out of there. Never had this problem before, so I can't fall back on doing what I did the last time. I could sure use some suggestions on how to get that thing out of there without damaging the die.

And I don't know what to think about the brass.
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