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I might be able to add a little....

I load .45 LC in two pistols and one rifle.

The pistols are an Uberti Cattleman and a Ruger Vaquero. The rifle is a M92 from Rossi with a 16 Inch barrel. I use about 28 grains of powder behind a 220 grain RNFP from Lee. The bullet has two grooves. Lee calls this bullet (IIRC) a 200 grain bullet but mine consistently weigh 218. I was sizing with a .462 Lee sizing die and it was sizing very consistently and accurately. I originally loaded 35 grains but the recoil was excessive.

I top off this light load with a card which I punch out from an irridescent color poster board. I like to see how far downrange the cards are going so I use this hi-vis stuff. Then cornmeal to the rim of the case and compress it with the bullet.

This round shot consistently and cleanly in the revolvers. But when I bought the rifle I got severe leading in the barrel. My hardness was 12 to 14 and the speeds were right at 1100 fps. So I don't think the lead was too soft. I slugged the barrel on the rifle and got a diameter that was too large for the bullet. I think the bullet was skidding down the barrel and galling the lead off into the grooves.

I have moved to a larger sizing die but I have not yet had a chance to use it.

When I do, I will try the rounds in the revolvers as well.

This should be a start until a smart guy comes in and gives you the straight skinny.

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