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Danish Krag Model 1889 (1906)

I just picked up my first Danish Krag this last weekend.....Model '89 made in import marks...there is some rust and pitting on the barrel and most of the bluing is gone...but you don't run across these rifles to often in Austin Texas so I had to pick it up.....any insights in how to clean it up without damaging it would be helpful and since this is my first Krag any info would be helpful..such as proof markings, etc....I did notice it seems to be all matching serial numbers on the rear sight, barrel, receiver, stock, bolt, bolt assembly, magazine assembly like I said any info would be greatly appreciated...learning about this stuff is almost as fun as being able to take it out and shoot it...

wish it had a cleaning rod and bayonet but oh well can't have everything.. it is 8x58R rimmmed (Danish) apparently an obsolete caliber only place I can find ammo is Buffalo Arms for sixty bucks a box of 20....
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