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FL & PA Reciprocity Changed! -- OH & AZ Non-Resident -- Other Info

The PA AG has posted a newly signed Reciprocity Agreement with Florida. The wording has changed. It now states:

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania shall give full faith and credit to a valid Concealed Handgun License issued by the State of Florida to legal residents of the State of Florida;

PA already had a signed agreement with FL and now they have signed a new one. PA has been in a running argument with residents of PA carrying in PA with a FL Non-Resident Permit/License. Mainly in Philadelphia is where this has been coming up. But from the new agreement PA will no longer Honor the FL Non-Resident Permit/License. FL no longer puts the Address of their Permit/License holder on the Permit/License so your state issued ID will tell them your state of Residence. You can read the new agreement here:

There is also a big argument about Ohio honoring the AZ non-resident permit/license. Ohio will still not honor an AZ permit/license issued to non residents. That is the only non-resident permit/license of the states Ohio honors that it will not honor. AZ put that in the agreement when it was signed in 2004. The AG’s Officer called me today and told me that is still the law and that they are trying to change the agreement to honor AZ non-resident permit/licenses but it will take time.

The News/Legislative Updates page has not seen much added in the last month. There is so much legislation being put forth because of recent events we have just put the link to the NRA Legislative Updates there. I will be adding items but most likely only after they pass and become law. So many people put forth info on Legislation I see no use it duplicating their efforts at this time. depends on people just like you to keep up to date. No one can do this by themselves. Hundreds of people send me information on law changes and without them I couldn’t do this. Thank you to everyone who has assisted me. It is very much appreciated. also has had huge growth. With growth comes unintended consequences for us. The biggest consequences is our costs have tripled with the upgrades to our server for bandwidth. So we now have a way to donate to help pay these additional costs. I am not a computer guy and Steve has always taken care of that end with me supplying information. I was really surprised to find out what it actually costs to keep a site online. will be updated later this evening showing the above changes.
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