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I used to use a rotary tumbler, which was nothing more than a piece of 4 inch PVC clamped in a lathe with caps on the end and crushed walnut. When I sold the lathe a year or two back I started to use do soap water and lemon juice in a old stainless pan, it gets the dirt and tarnish off inside and out. Leaves a good shine on most brass inside and out. I use a nylon mesh laundry bag for drying. Been thinking about getting a vibratory tumbler just to do a final polish with walnut and some wax in it but always find something else I would rather spend my money on

bottom line you can spend as much or as little as you want, from the bottom end like I do to several hundred dollars on a ultrasonic or stainless pin setup. But the brass will still load and shoot about the same no matter what method you end up using.
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