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“Glock and this industry makes millions and millions of dollars because they intentionally flood communities with these handguns and we are saying enough is enough,” activist Rev. Markel Hutchins said
No. It is a very simple case of supply and demand. If there were no demand, there would be no supply. If they want the supply to disappear, they should work with their neighbors to reduce the need for self-protection and thereby slow the demand, then the supply would disappear. If people did not feel a need to use violence to accomplish their goals, there would be no need for firearms for self-defense. If people did not feel the pressing need to defend themselves, they would not buy guns, they would buy cars and groceries and other stuff instead.
“The blood of our children is running in our streets,” activist Rev. Timothy McDonald said.
I do not want to sound callous or cynical, but the blood of their children is being spilled by their children. Teach people (including the adults) to follow the law, and the blood would cease to flow in the streets. Pointing fingers at people who provide a tool for people to defend themselves from violence is not the answer. If not guns, people would use knives, baseball bats, truncheons, fists, and so on. What the anti-gunners try to cover up is that violence begets violence, and that only safe and peaceful people will beat their swords into plowshares.
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