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The three main types all have their advantages and disadvantages. I'll list what comes to mind in no particular order

Vibratory with media.
Only cleans the outside of the case.

Best to not deprime as the media gets stuck in the primer hole

Can take a few hours to clean

Pretty much can get tumblers that do small batches up to thousands of cases at a time

They are cheap and media lasts a decent amount of time.


Can be expensive. 100 bucks for a cheap one.

Needs a formula to clean. Just water doesnt work the best. But the mixture can be used a couple times if filtered

Usually short timers so have to be around it to reset it. But cleans faster than media

Small size means limited case capacity. The common ones don't hold a lot of cases though larger ones are available.

They clean the whole case. Deprime first and clean outside, inside, and primer pocket at once.

Stainless pins

Expensive. Cost is going to be around 200 to start.

Pins last forever. Only time you have to get more is cause you lose them during sorting or whatever.

It's just water, dish soap and Lemishine. About 15 bucks and it'll last a long time. A squirt of soap and small amount of lemi Shine is all that's needed.

A media seperator or some sort is a must. The pins a small so have to pick something that'll work.

Cleans the whole case like an ultrasonic.

Time wise it takes probably a quarter of the time vs the media tumbler.

Both the ultrasonic and stm require washing and drying of the brass after. Not hard as just washing under a sink and drying can be done in different ways.

I'm sure others can add but that's the just of them. I personally have all three. Use stm to clean the cases. Use the media for case lube removal, and use the ultrasonic for small batches of brass and for cleaning other things around the house
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