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Find a smaller gun in a substantial caliber that you shoot well. For me, that is 1911(45 Auto), Kahr P40(40 S&W), S&W 640(38 spcl/357 mag), etc. I also would like a cerakoted S&W 13 to be on that list.

Then find 2 -3 holster for that gun which you like the fit, carry position, etc. For example:
1911 - Milt Sparks HR Limited(like a Versa Max 2), Alessi Shoulder Holster, Rafter OWB

J frame - pancake, iwb, pocket

I like to have 2 -3 options for each gun as I don't want to feel like I can't carry with the outfit I'm wearing. There are some rigs which get more use, obviously.
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