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Success with M&P trigger kit install - barely.

Never tried "gun smithing" before So there I was, trying to install an Apex trigger kit in my new M&P 9 when, surprise! This little plastic piece falls out and hits the floor. Oh crap, where did that come from? Turns out no big deal, just a plug to fill the lock port. Schwew!
Then I think I'm almost done and again I hear something metallic and rather light hit the basement floor and bounce around a bit. What was that? All I found was a little piece of metal that looked like the remains of a bent and partial staple. Almost threw it away. Searched the floor for way too long. So now the takedown lever wants to slide out. Took the trigger retainer back out and saw where that partial staple looking thingy was the take down lever retainer.
Glad I figured it out cause I didn't want to call S&W to ask what part holds that lever and how can I get one.

I watched the Apex video but I didn't catch a warning about that take down lever retainer.

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