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next handgun

Economic plus reliability choice for me. Ammo is hard to find and getting even harder around here. 160 miles round trip to nearest loading supplies and thier shelves are pretty bare. I have enough in stock to load 9mm and .40 for quite awhile. So my next will most likely also be my last (age wise). I'd really like a 45 but that's more brass, lead and so on.
I recently bought an FNS 40 and within a week it became my favorite of forever. While getting is OK I'm thinking an FNS 9. Then I'll sit back and enjoy 2 mistresses. I have no plans on moving to California, New York and no interest in what Obama wants. Retired LEO, former Nam veteran, and 20 more years at DOD. I get to fish, go to the range, and tell em "nope, sold em all". And depend on all you guys to keep my rights and protect me from being a criminal. I really like my FNS and folks have said to bury your guns to keep them safe... maybe my lady will let me take it with me?
Then too, maybe she'll keep em....
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