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Can't say enough good things about MidwayUSA

While Midway's prices aren't always the lowest, they are an extremely well-run and ethical organization. I believe this comes from the very top - Larry Potterfield. They do not play games with pricing, inventory or try to gouge. If they say something can be backordered, they will honor the price regardless of what craziness takes place in the market.

Case in point, I had ordered a few magazines on backorder and between the time of the order and actually receiving it, these mags doubled & close to triple in price. I just received the mags yesterday.

I sure as hell can't say that about CheaperThanDirt... Order something and if the market goes up, they freaking cancel - claiming that they are out of stock, even though their website has 'em listed as on-hand and ready to ship from 2 different warehouses - day after day after almost 3X the original price!!!
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