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Anti-Gun Protest at GLOCK

A group of protestor marched to the Smyrna, GA headquarters of GLOCK demanding to see an “executive” of the company. They were led by serial protestors Rev. Markel Hutchins and Rev. Timothy McDonald two individuals that never miss an opportunity to promote themselves. Company security turned them away stating, “They don’t’ want to talk to you right now” speaking of company executives.

The entire thing would have been comical if it were not for some of their outrageous statements. Again these guys are major opportunist and self promoters, but still this kind of language does influence some folks.

Their statements included:

“Glock and this industry makes millions and millions of dollars because they intentionally flood communities with these handguns and we are saying enough is enough,” activist Rev. Markel Hutchins said.

“The blood of our children is running in our streets,” activist Rev. Timothy McDonald said.
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