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I fear we are going to take this thread a little too far off topic and being new here I would rather not push my luck. So, I will keep this short.

It is going to fully depend how a law may define "ammunition". I would have to assume smokeless powder and primers would be included. I can't imagine pro-gun control folks are going to push to require licensing and background checks for cartridges, and not for the parts require to make them. But, I will not dig through the document and pull up a page number for you. I don't live in NY, would never live in NY so I don't really care much about their gun laws other then to say they are silly.

Here is one example, again, it will depend on how one defines ammunition.

It is my understanding that as of 1/15/2014 online sales of ammo to residents of NY will be illegal. I am just going by what folks who live there have told me, along with hearing that Midway and some other suppliers are not shipping there anymore, or were not for a while.

Again, I don't think any of this justifies most people freaking out and buying up a ton of ammo. Though I must admit, if I lived in NY, CA, Mass or Conn. I would probably be buying like a mad man. Honestly, I am more upset about the shortage of 22lr then I am reloading components.
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